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Welcome to Cotswold Coffee

Don't forget - if you spend over £60 you automatically receive FREE postage. We'd love to hear from you about our coffee - so please don't hesitate to give us some feedback.

Cotswold coffee beans

Our range of Cotswold coffee beans, are our pride and joy - carefully roasted and foil packed for freshness.

Cotswold Registration

Register with us

Registering with us only takes a minute, and means we can show you all our prices (including Keurig®), and provide commercial coffee machine quotes quickly...

Ground or Filter coffee

Filter & cafetiere coffee

A range of freshly ground coffees in handy sized packs for your home or at work. For filter machines or your cafetiere.

Twinings & Jacksons tea

Tea more your thing?

Everything from everyday tea, through to very specialised fruit or exotic teas. From Twinings or Jacksons, we have a the perfect cup of tea for you or your customers.

Coffee Pods

Coffee pods

No fuss, quality long coffees with Keurig® pods and machines. Plus, Lavazza BLUE and Espresso Point pods.

Grinders & Frothers

Grind and Froth

We have a range of coffee grinders, and milk frothers, which are also perfect for the home - robust commercial machines, at a price which is affordable for home grinding too...

Coffee Machine Starter Bundles

Find the right machine for your family or business, complete with a bundle of coffee and accessories...

Piccino Espresso Starter Bundle - save up to 25% on a domestic espresso machine. Show the bundle

Keurig K140 - superb value for money starter pack which includes biscuits! Show the bundle

Nestle Machines - robust commercial machines, complete with ad packs. Show Nestle® range

Keurig K150 - robust machine for the busy workplace or for domestic luxury as a starter pack. Show the bundle

Premium tea & coffee for your home or your business
Cotswold - 20+ years of quality coffee and good value coffee equipment.

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