WMF® 1100S

Superb value bean to cup machine from WMF - top quality commercial coffee equipment with plumbed and hand-fill options.

£Price on application

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More details about the WMF® 1100S

This WMF 1100s is an entry level machine for Bean to Cup coffee preparation.  If you are operating in a low volume (0-50 cups a day) retail environment, cafe or outlet which needs the ability to produce extremely high quality bean-to-cup speciality coffees easily and consistently, this is where to start.

This machine has been configured to accept the very top quality coffee beans.

This bean to cup based system operates exactly as you would expect from such high quality equipment - a button controlled interface allows you to choose and then dispense the coffee you require.

This machine has been tested in several environments and found it to be extremely durable. The bean/cocoa loaders are straightforward and the milk steamer/frother gives the user the ability to create wonderful continental style drinks in a professional manner with the minimum of training. 

This machine can be plumbed or can be tank operated. We highly recommend the milk cooler unit is added, to complete the ensemble.

With the machines range of specifications, water fill options and not least its price, make the WMF 1100S commercial coffee machine the clever favourite for many uses. It is as much at home in the office, medical practice, gym, small bistro or a petrol station, at a bakery, hairdressers, fast food shop or hotel bar. With the appropriate auxiliary unit the machine is a genuine all-rounder.

Every WMF machine we provide comes with a 24 hour call-out maintenance service which sees your machine fixed or replaced, depending on the circumstances.

WMF® 1100S Service and Supply

Cotswold Coffee offer the WMF range of machines on various different rental or purchase agreements, which can include or exclude the supply of ingredients.

As well as service staff who will visit your premises and provide you with a demonstration and discuss your requirements in greater detail, we have an on-site coffee machine showroom at our base in Bidford-On-Avon and can provide advice to ensure you get the machine and range of beverages in the quantity, quality and at the right price for your business.

The WMF range also come with a suite of marketing materials which can be used to promote the drinks within your business.  Speak to one of our representatives about the options available to you. 

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