Espresso 1-Cup Pods

Espresso 1-cup pods - heady, full flavour for traditional espresso machines.

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Taste profile for Espresso 1-Cup Pods

These 1-cup espresso pods, idea for catering, are top quality espresso beans which have been ground and then placed in individual paper pods, rather like tea bags, but made to fit into all traditional espresso machines.  The pods can then be used as a substitute for grinding beans.  

This is especially useful when you may have a low volume of drinks to serve, or require a back-up to normal bean grinding.  Each pod delivers a single shot of espresso, containing 7g of top quality espresso ground coffee.

Each paper pod is supplied in a foil, airtight sealed pouch which means this product has a long shelf life and is fresh when opened.

This espresso pod has a heady aroma and provides a good quality drink. 

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