Rombouts Decaff 1-CUP Filters

Medium roast decaff coffee in single cup filters

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Taste profile for Rombouts Decaff 1-CUP Filters

This is the Rombouts signature blend but without the caffeine. A marriage of the finest blends from around the world, Rombouts Decaffeinated is a fully balanced coffee with a medium body and a rich aroma. This coffee is suitable for any time of the day or night.

These single cup filters are a great way of ensuring quality and consistency whilst servin g a very good quality coffee - usually in a home or small business environment.

Preparation and Usage: Shake your One Cup Filter gentle to evenly distribute the coffee and place on your cup. Ensure the filter is stable on the cup and add hot (not boiling) water up to the line. Wait until all the water has filtered through into your cup. Remove the lid and use as a saucer for the used One Cup Filter. (The lids are reusable and can be washed safely in a dishwasher or by hand).

This case contains 10 One Cup Filter packs of 6 Coffees plus 1 reusable lid per pack.

Roast Strength