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Nestle® Alegria is the answer to staffroom coffees on a budget

As an employer, you will recognise that an army marches on its stomach - and that's what you pour them during their break is just as important. The NESTLE Alegria drinks system can get your costs down to such a reasonable level that you may be able to afford to give it away for free...

Are your coffee facilities still operating in black and white instead of full colour?

DATE POSTED: 09/02/2016

We have seen a new twist in the market for staff canteen coffee, teas and hot chocolates. The Nestle Alegria range of coffee and hot chocolate machines have managed to bring the cup cost of drinks down to such a level that more and more employers can afford to provide the daily cup of coffee for free.

Not only does the Alegria range of soluble drinks machines come in at a very competitive cost, but you also have the piece of mind that you have a big brand behind every cup. That means an ongoing service quality which is unsurpassed in the industry and machines which are robust and simple to operate.

The Alegria range of machines and coffee are leaders in the soluble coffee market, and provide very consistent and good quality drinks at prices per cup which mean that employers can start to consider providing the wide range of drinks including Latte and Hot Chocolate for free. What's more, your staff will love the convenience and you will love the fact that an average drink takes only 30 seconds to brew!

Cotswold Coffee Company have plenty of experience of staff canteen coffee and hot drink solutions. If making teas and coffees from a kettle or a hot water boiler is not enough any more, then its time to look at what a Nestle machine can do for your employees

If you are looking for advice on the best coffee making solution in your business, then NESTLE and Stateside could have the answer. Contact us today for an initial discussion about your requirements.

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