Bean to cup coffee machines - very high quality
commercial machines for cafes, restaurants & hotels


Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to cup coffee machines aim to provide exactly that - a machine which will include a bean hopper, and will then generate the grind, filter and finally an espresso-based coffee in one operation.

These machines tend to be for commercial purposes, and due to the high cost and requirement to hold a maintenance agreement, are available through various contractual arrangements. For all of these commercial machines you should request a quote. To to make this easy, register now, it only takes a minute.

Bravilor® Esprecious

The Bravilor Esprecious range of machines combines the bean-to-cup quality with the ability to add other ingredients like milk and chocolate. Coin operation also available.
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Stateside Espresso S

Bean-to-cup mid-range commercial customer vend machine from Stateside, capable of producing 120 espresso based drinks an hour.
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We have a range of coffees for each machine we sell

Whether it's our own high-quality roasted beans, ground coffee or coffee pods, we have the right coffee to go with your way of making coffee...

Coffee beans - our tried and trusted Cotswold bean roasts, plus a few choice alternative brands as well.
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Filter coffee - a range of ground coffee for your filter machine, including our own Cotswold brand.
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Cafetiere Coffee - simple but high quality domestic coffee making.
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Keurig® pods - a huge range of coffees and speciality drinks.
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