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Special Keurig® Starter & Gift packs

Keurig® K140 & K150 Starter Packs

These brewers and pod starter packs have proved to be so popular, we now have a website dedicated to our range of Keurig® pods, Brewers and products - called Stateside.Coffee.

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There are over 20 different K-Cup® pod varieties to choose from

If you are buying a machine, consider our starter packs - which come complete with discounted K-Cup® pods...

Prima Barista Italian Roast - a deep, rich roast - there is 2grams more coffee in this pod!
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Green Mountain Hazelnut - one of Keurig's® flavoured coffees - vanilla is also popular .
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Starbucks Pike Place - High St. coffee shop comes to your home or business! These are just like the your favourite Starbucks
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Twinings Breakfast Tea - choose from breakfast, Earl Grey or Green Teas.
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