Stateside Espresso S

Bean-to-cup mid-range commercial customer vend machine from Stateside, capable of producing 120 espresso based drinks an hour.

£Price on application

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More details about the Stateside Espresso S

The Stateside Espresso S is a fully automatic bean to cup customer operated vending machine for coffee services in small offices or coffee businesses. This machine has been built to the Cotswold specification to take full advantage of the knowledge and experience we have in hot beverage vending. The result is a small, versatile machine that is extremely easy to use.

With the Espresso S you will enjoy a perfect balance of body, cream, aroma and flavour every time. And the operation of the machine could not be easier.

The machine has up to 7 product selections; Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate and Hot Water.

This machine was designed to adapt to different business models, with several function modes and an extensive accessories catalogue. This means you may adapt the function mode to your business model - such as being set to free sale, an exact price with validator and a proxy recharge system.

Its modular construction is easy to maintain and the internal design allows for simple replenishment of products.

Furthermore, the machine includes a Brita anti-limescale AquaAroma filter as standard, guaranteeing coffee made with filtered water for the perfect beverage very time. It has a small footprint, meaning the Espresso S will fit into space sensitive areas.

Stateside Espresso S Service and Supply

Cotswold Coffee offer the Stateside range of machines on various different rental or purchase agreements, which can include or exclude the supply of ingredients.

As well as service staff who will visit your premises and provide you with a demonstration and discuss your requirements in greater detail, we have an on-site coffee machine showroom at our base in Bidford-On-Avon and can provide advice to ensure you get the machine and range of beverages in the quantity, quality and at the right price for your business.

These two machines range also come with a suite of marketing materials which can be used to promote the drinks within your business.  Speak to one of our representatives about the options available to you.

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