Keurig® K150 Brewer for K-CUP® Pods

A step up on the Keurig® K140 machine, but still suitable for home or work. Comes in hand-fill or plumbed versions.

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Living with the Keurig® K150 Brewer for K-CUP® Pods

The Keurig® K-150 Brewer is a state of the art pod brewer and a good-looking addition to any home. It fits perfectly onto the counter top in the kitchen, or as a feature item elsewhere. It is filled with water quickly and easily by hand and brews a top quality 'long' coffee, tea or hot chocolate in less than a minute. No fuss, and no mess.

The K150 Brewer by Keurig® is a step up from the smaller K140 Brewer, but retains the ease of use and good looks of its smaller brother. Built for serving high volumes of coffee, this machine is very easy to operate and with an average warm-up time of only a minute, and a serve duration of around 50 seconds, it also wins over its opposition in terms of its ability to deliver a better cup of coffee in a timely fashion.

There are FIVE different cup sizes to choose from with every drink you make, the Keurig® K150 allows you to personalise your coffee blend without sacrificing the consistency of quality. Like the K140, this machine has been tested in several environments and found it to be extremely durable. The capsule loader is foolproof and our machine has been set up for the domestic setting, being hand-fill.

This machine can be filled with water easily via its reservoir, and it holds enough water to make over 8 mug-sized servings without the need to top-up. The machine can also be provided in a 'plumbed' version on request, where you are able to connect it to the water supply and never have to top up. If you are in a soft water area, then the machine has a lime-scale removal mode as well - or we can provide a filter mechanism if the problem is severe. You can also personalise your own coffee preference via the LCD touch-screen. This machine is amongst the most popular coffee brewers in North America, and the coffee capsules are present in one in six homes in the country, such is the popularity of Green Mountain® coffee and Keurig® coffee makers. The K140 and this K150 can both be purchased in our 'Starter Packs', which come complete with pods and many extras.

Keurig® K150 Brewer for K-CUP® Pods Starter/Gift Packs

We have a range of starter packs with this machine - see the options in the dropdown entitled 'Choose Machine' above.

All the packs include a Brewer, plus a range of Green Mountain® or Starbucks® pods, such as:
- Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Coffee
- Speciality Hot Chocolate
- Twinings Breakfast Tea
- Italian Barista Coffee

For our latest Starter Pack options, call our telephone helpdesk on 01789 491800.

Buying the Keurig K150 as a gift? Why not include a Gift Voucher, so that your lucky recipient of your gift can choose their own boxes of K-Cup coffees, chocolate and tea?