Nestle® Coffee Machine Range -
quality, branded, commercial coffee


The Nestle® range of Coffee Machines

There are three categories of commercial coffee machines in the Nestle® range - Alegria, Milano and Lounge. Each machine serves either Alegria or Milano branded coffees, under the Nescafe banner - a powerful, recognisable brand for your business to be associated with. All these machines are soluble-based, making quality coffees easy and quick to serve. To receive a full quote for any of these machines its much easier if you, register first - it only takes a minute.

Nestle® Alegria Range

An excellent range of entry level commercial machines. Quality soluble hot drinks for bars, clubs and smaller enterprises.
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Nestle® Milano Range

Highest quality soluble coffee from commercially robust machines. This range from Nestle delivers coffee-shop grade drinks quickly and easily.
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Nestle® Lounge

Nestle's top of the range commercial machine which delivers impressive styling with superb quality hot drinks which will impress in taste and operation.
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We have a range of coffees for each machine we sell

Whether it's our own high-quality roasted beans, ground coffee or coffee pods, we have the right coffee to go with your way of making coffee...

Coffee beans - our tried and trusted Cotswold bean roasts, plus a few choice alternative brands as well.
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Filter coffee - a range of ground coffee for your filter machine, including our own Cotswold brand.
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Cafetiere Coffee - simple but high quality domestic coffee making.
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Keurig® pods - a huge range of coffees and speciality drinks.
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