Coffee Bean Roast Profiles


How to interpret our roasting categories

We rate every coffee from 1 to 5, dependent on the roast..

Depth of roast

For every coffee product we sell, you will find a roasting profile number attached to the products details. These roasting profiles are on a scale from one to five, with one being the lightest roast possible, and five being the richest/deepest.

Obviously, the level of the roast does not tell you everything about a coffee bean, as the source and type of bean is just as important. This extra information is provided within the tasting profile section for each coffee, wherever possible. Our coffee roasting profiles should be viewed as an easy way to determine if a product will generally be to your liking - but should not be the only determining factor!


1 – Mild & Light Roasted
2 - Mellow & Smooth
3 – Rich & Full bodied
4 – Powerful & heavy bodied
5 – Rich & Intense

For all our coffees we also provide a visual indicator of the roast depth. The roast profile image appears below our tasting comments and is represented by beans - numbering 1 to 5:

You must also consider that when grinding beans, their freshness, the grade of your grind, and also the length of time the coffee is allowed to filter will all effect the taste of your coffee.